New UX - Waterfall charts - missing totals



We are currently trying to incorporate waterfall charts into the reporting we pull from Anaplan.

An issue that we encountered is that when we try to hide any negligible line items (show up as 0 when rounded up to millions but not actually 0) the total disappears.

Is there any way to keep the total even if we hide one of the line items? Are we missing something here?

Not very familiar with waterfall charts so appreciate any tips.



  • Hide the negligible item in Saved View itself in Module. Or use any filter in Saved view to exclude value 0.


  • Hi Umang,

    Thank you for your response.

    Unfortunately, you can't use saved views in Management Reporting and when I try to use a filter in the chart settings, the total disappears as well.

    I wonder if this isn't a technical limitation with Anaplan but I appreciate your help!

  • Hi @PaulinaLangowska , I tested Waterfall chart in Reporting page, it is not showing Top level when doing Show/Hide but you can use filter conditions to exclude non-required list members.

    Set Filter condition in View section of Chart card.

    Output excluding "A" list member and including Top Level item(Total).