Export failed for non Admin users


Hi all,

I am currently facing an Export issue: non-Admin users do not get the file xlsx exported, while i can, being Admin user.

I have checked all possible reasons:

  1. I have checked that export action is assigned to the roles
  2. I have set in export definition the default export file for "Everyone"
  3. I have saved the view to only show the line item needed and top level list item ( business needs in this export the total company level only)
  4. i have marked write selective access to top levels for this non admin users currently testing the export
  5. I have redone from scratch the exports even.
  6. the exported file is big one, but does not overpass the xlsx max number of lines (1,048,576)

Not sure why no admin user gets attached warning and does not get downloaded the file, are there browser limits of downloads that i shall check on client's end maybe or other reasons i did not check?



  • There is a known issue for Excel formats. Could you try having this file in CSV format.

    Refer the below page



  • Hi @AndreeaCepoi,

    There are few more things worth checking, please let me know if some of it worked for you:

    1. Check access in Roles→Modules to the module you are trying to export, and any module that contains filters that are used by this export (to filter the view or tabular-multi-column export) - role of your end-user need to have at least Read access to them.
    2. If your module has Versions dimension, check access in Roles→Versions to the Version you are trying to export - again it needs to be at least Read for the version in the view & role of your end-user.
    3. Check how the underlying module might look from the end-users perspective - if there are some filters per user, maybe he sees no columns/rows/pages because of that, and it throws an error?

  • Hi all,

    Thanks for the reply,

    @Umang Singhal , client needs it xlsx (macro used for) and me , as admin i can anyway download xlsx.

    @M.Kierepka 1. no filters in needed for , roles i checked for module from where is exported the data 2.no versions 3. no user dimension in.

  • @AndreeaCepoi Is DCA applied on any lineitem you are exporting?