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Hey everyone ,

I have a list that is named X_days and contains ( 5 days , 10 days , 20 days , other ) I want to add a text line item that check if the X_days = other I can write what i want in my line item ?

Thanks in advance.


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  • 143kishornaidu

    Hope this Solves your Questions.When ever you select "other" then only user will enter the Text otherwise it cant be editable


  • @imadlou, Can you please share the screenshot of the list?

  • @Dikshant , this is the screenshot for the list , I want to add a text line item called for example "verification" in my module that check if a person choose Other from the list he can write whatever he want in "verification"

  • @143kishornaidu,

    Thanks for sharing the details. The setup that you have made, what exactly is not working? I can see you created a DCA line item and applied it correctly with correct formulas.