Reducing dimensions (show selected result)

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I have a question on ways to reduce the dimensions to do reconcilation or filter result?

For example, i have 10 dimensions (Lists and LS) in the final report that consumes many spaces (cells). The final report has only one single line item = value.

Say I want to show the value of selected Cost Centers but not by filtering (in saved view)

My approach is:

1st - add a flag in the "Cost Center" Attribute table

2nd - use if statement and set it to 0 if it is not flag (selected cost center)

By doing this, I get the answer i want.

However, the table size/spacing is same as the final report, which is the same size (cells).

Same for reconciliation, i use a line item subset and flag it to make two tables with the same

dimensions (larger one) then compare the variance. However, this also costs lots of spacing.

Thanks for helping.


  • Why are you using that much dimensions in module? While you can use list formatted lineitems and Apply lookup formula to get the values. This will save a lot of space. And you can use those lineitems to create filters.