Unable to import data from Azure blob via Anaplan Cloudworks



I'm unable to import data into my list/module from Azure Blob via Anaplan Cloudworks. The connection is correctly created. I can successfully export data from cloudworks to azure and i don't know why i'm encountering issues when importing data. I've tried to import manually the data and actions are correct (import work manually!).

Can you help me?

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  • alexpavel
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    @fstragliotto : It seems that all the credentials on Azure blob are correctly setup.

    From the error message it means that the header of the CSV file from the blob is not recognized by the import action for some column names used as "unique" combinations into the target numbered list.

    This could be generated by different reasons:

    • different encoding between the Anaplan data source and Azure blob file
    • different column delimiter between the Anaplan data source and Azure blob file

    It is needed to understand what is exactly the CSV/txt file structure in Azure blob, following these steps:

    1. In tab "Import Data sources", identify the CSV/txt file and change temporarily "Header Row" = 0 and " First Data Row" = 1 (see below example)

    2. In the Imports actions, identify the import action, edit, and change temporarily the mapping from column names to the column numbers: Column1 , column 2 and also leave as "unique" combination only the property of the column 1. it will give you discarded rows when the import is launched, but you can identify exactly what could be the issue. (see below example)

    3. Delete all elements from the target numbered list

    4. launch the import via CloudWorks and see the results in the target numbered list. It should be imported at least the header rows, hoping to identify where the issue stands.

    After the issue is identified, re-change back the mapping of the File source and import action using the Header column names.

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  • TristanS
    edited December 2023

    @fstragliotto What permissions did you have ticked? Do you have "List" checked? I had problems importing before when I didn't have "List" ticked. Not sure if that's the source your issue. From recollection I had "User delegation key" as signing method and had Create, Write and List for permissions.

  • @TristanS yes, i have "write", "read" and "list" as authorization ticked. I did not tick user delegation, i ticked account key.

  • Hi @fstragliotto, what kind of issue are you experiencing? Are you hitting any errors while executing the integration in Cloudworks, or its something else?

  • Hi @MilanaSkoko,
    for the list import i get the following error (as i said the manual import with the same action selected works)

    Instead for the module import i don't get any errors but when i check the module no data are imported
    What should i do?