3.5.5 Activity: Create Distribution Center Summary UX Page


Can anyone help me how to get rid of the values in the line items in product SKU by Distribution grid ? i have created a saved view for distribution centres which is has values . but to get the final results to show only the dimensions without values how it is possible as per the requirements ?

even if i turned on the line items or turned it off from the page selectors " beginning inventory " , still i see the values in the grid

how to get rid of this?

2 ) how to get rid of the empty row and column headers in the grid ? why there is a big gap between the title and the content starts ( below last three grids ) why it doesnt look like the output they wanted

Thanks a lot in advance

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  • Puneeth H P
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    HI @Prithi

    There's this option when you are selecting the grid to publish to the page. You will see an option called 'line items' there you can hide the line items if you want to show only the dimension. Please follow as shown in the pictures below. After un-checking the line item which you don't want to show, Apply the latest changes and publish the grid.

    Hope this helps!

    Puneeth HP

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  • To get rid of values column in Product SKU by distribution centre, keep the linitems in pages dimension of module.

    To reduce the gap between Title and first row, Card configuration> Grid section > Column settings> select the label height as 1 line