Condensing a heirarchy



I am looking for some advice on the most efficient way to condense a part of our hierarchy. We have an area of our business that no longer requires the level of granularity we currently have in Anaplan. There is around 200 members in this hierarchy, and we want to move it all to one member. We want to delete the existing members to reduce the size of our model but maintain all the data from those members into the 1 new member.

In a previous tool I worked with, this was easily done by moving the members as a child of the new member and then deleting them. This would maintain the data in the new parent member. I don't think that is possible here but wondering if there is a quick way to make this change to our model.

Thanks in advance.


  • @Shaunrajan

    Very good question…This is what I would do, but as always, test to make sure this works for you. In the hierarchy, create two new members, one will be a Temp, the other will be the Go Forward. Place them in the hierarchy where you need them. Then, place all the "old" members under the Temp member in the hierarchy which will get the aggregation of that data into one place. Then you can use Bulk Copy (Temp → Go Forward) to copy to the new member.

    One problem with the above is the type of hierarchy (Composite vs. Ragged) and the data in all of the modules (doing finditems() on the correct level, etc to get the proper logic). Again, I would test this out, review all existing modules to ensure the data is correct. If it is, the you willl be able to delete the Temp member as well as the children.

    Hope this helps and/or gives you an idea.