Conclusion of Level 2 Model Building DATA02 SKU Volumes module



I'm stuck in this . can anyone help me

from Level 1 FP&A module we have G3 and P3 SKU as dimnesions where is when importing from supply chain module it has different dimensions . how to import ?

supply chain module

if i use DATA 01 begining inventory module as data source , can you help me in fixing the import as i am getting lots of errors

1 ) which year to choose as the data is in FY19 and FY20

can i get help where i am making mistakes or how it is done or imported ?

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  • Vamsi_Kaki

    Hello @Prithi,

    As mentioned, Pls import Volumes from Supply chain model to FP&A model.

    The below snapshot of your Supply chain model shows DATA modules but please make sure you have created Demand modules where you calculate Monthly Demand Forecast by SKU and Location.

    Please find in your model something similar to below snapshot

    Here, I used "DEM04 Demand Export" as my Source module


  • @Prithi,

    There are a few updates you can give a try.

    Highlighted mapping to Column Header, and then go to the last line items tab and map Beginning Inventory to Volumes.

    Also I feel your source module is incorrect. Ideally you must have a moduleDAT03 Historic Volume in Data Hub as well which has same dimensions to your module in SC Model.

  • @Dikshant As you see DAT02 module has P3SKU , G3 location and time as dimension and where as in SC model DAT03 histrotic volumes has only P3SKU and Accounts dimensions , Location is missing . how we can import from it ?

  • @Dikshant As you said I have tried importing from Histroic volumes. since the source module has model calendar FY20 , i will set the time to FY20 during import. it was successful but then it a error ; i have realised that bombay and mumbai has different names in location . so I thought of using code . so I have updated the line itmes in both FP&A and sc model with code and i have code to it as you see below and i try to import

  • but the whole table is empty 😥

  • Why the mapping is not successful with codes ? why there is no code seen in the mapping table when importing ?

  • @Prithi DAT02 module does not have FY20. Update the time range to include that

  • @Dikshant the DATA01 module doesnt have time dimension .

  • @Prithi,

    Update for DAT02. Below is your screenshot and it has FY21. Your import action is importing the data into FY20 but since module does not has FY20 that's why import is getting ignored.

  • so i should change the time to FY21 ?

  • And also as you see there is error in imports . data code getting ignored ; can you please help me in this fully ?

  • @Prithi you need to update to FY20. then run the action.

    Your target module does not have FY20 that's why import action shows ignored.