SYS03 ID and G2 not Displaying

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Hello could someone help me figure out what am I doing wrong?
The values are not displaying and this is causing an issue when referencing for a LookUp somewhere else.

Attached is the list, actions and details module.

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  • ClauN
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    I don't think you should be using the SYS05 Territory module.

    I think you should look for a module where you have the Country information by Account or by Product.


  • Hello, can you explain what you are trying to do ? You want to get the Country ?

    If so, i think the Country informations is probably related the Account or the Product.

    The Country information is probably in a SYS module (Account or PRoduct) and with a lookup you can map it.

  • @Csta

    I think that is the incorrect action as that is for a list and you want to import country into the SYS module, is that correct?

  • I am trying to get the Country yes, But it is not pulling through @ClauN

  • rob_marshall
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    You can't do lookups on Text formatted line items, the lookup has to use a list formatted line item.

  • Thank you @ClauN. It worked yes