"Unlink revisions created after this restore point" and the DEV is no longer compatible

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I restored my DEV model and selected "Unlink revisions created after this restore point" and now I added new features, but the PROD models shows that the DEV is no longer compatible. Not sure how to fix it. Thanks

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  • Vamsi_Kaki

    Hello @HarunT ,

    You have mentioned that You had reverted the Dev model and built to deploy changes into Prod model.

    • I hope you are aware that the point you reverted your Dev model should be last revision tag you sync with Prod. Besides, you have unlink the revision tags and caused models to be incompatible.

    Here the solution is

    • Change mode of your Prod model from Deployed to Standard
    • Revert the prod model to the same point you have reverted the Dev model. Please make sure to click on Unlink Revision.
    • Next, change the mode back to Deployed
    • Now, create new Revision tag in Dev and sync it to Prod

    I hope this helps you.




  • Dikshant
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    I have not tried, but just try to revert the model to the last deployment history ID so both Dev and Prod are the same in terms of structure. Export the model history and try to get the last ALM History ID.