Multiple views on multiple dashboards from a single module


Hi Community,

I have a relatively very large module presenting on a single classic dashboard, which I cannot restructure or delete.

I want to see if I can use the module to present two different views, in addition to the original, to test user reaction to alternative dashboard formats.

Can I create the alternative views and use them on two new classic (not UX) dashboards without increasing the cell space/memory used?



Best Answer


  • @ChrisG532,

    Lists, modules, and line items consume size, but not the dashboard. There's no limit to the number of elements you can add to a dashboard, although complex dashboards may take longer to load, especially if pulling data from a very large model with filters applied. 

    But since you're creating multiple dashboard for demos, no issues with that. Go ahead and create multiple dashboards.

  • Thanks Dikshant!