L3.3 Sprint


Hi all, i am trying to check my work against the instructions.

The TAR01 is sales targets by product family and country.

But the model I download, the TAR01 is actually "TAR01 Detailed Sales Targets"

May I know what's going on?


  • @GAPER,

    You have to write down the formulas and fetch the values from other modules. I can see the formula is blank.

  • NOOOOO the module they created for me (the line item) is totally different than what's shown in the example. I wonder what's going on.

  • @GAPER,

    You have to create a new module TAR01 Sales Targets Module with dimensions (G2 Country, P1 Product Family, Quarters) and apply the formulas in it to get the final result as per the screenshot.

  • Ya that's the way i did. But i just don't know why they have a TAR01 Detailed Sales Targets at the beginning

  • The TAR02 module is at the A2 Account>Product# level and is referenced further in TAR02 and other modules. That's why it is also required but Anaplan might expect you to understand the dimensionality and create the modules where it's required.

  • Hello @GAPER , in the beginning of L3 you will be creating a module to load Baseline forecast. Create a replica of that module to calculate "Initial Country Sales Target". Modules name may vary with your build but please make the Output match with the solution provided by Anaplan.