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    i suppose there should be a mapping here to the locaiton. (based on some excel or something) But i haven't seen it anywhere


  • @GAPER Based on all questions you have been asking the forum it seems you have started the level 3 course a bit too early.
    The level 3 course expects you to have a firm understanding of model building and ability to think for yourself when getting a request that is different than what has been previously built.

    You were tasked to create a model map pre-building the model. Use the frame work you thought out and adopt it to suit the current model.

    If a user story is requesting a dimension that is not in the pre-build modules you will need to think of a way to handle it.

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    It's not asking a diemtnion that is not pre-build. It's not even in any of the modules, lists…..

    How am i supposed to create a mapping between two?…

  • If your SYS02 module (Dim: A1 Account) would be empty then something has happened, you should also be able to see data in SYS04 and SYS05.

    The instructions for how you create the members connected to the A2 list is quite clear and from there you should be able to map out the data needed to populate the SYS03 module.