How to summarize the data


→ May i know how to summarize the data for the flat List without top level in anaplan

→Also the ways to show the summary data for flat list without toplevel


  • Hi @Venkatakrishna , You can follow below steps to achieve it:

    1. Create a Dummy List with just 1 Dummy item in it.
    2. In source module, create a dummy list formatted line item and populate it with Dummy item with formula
    3. Create a new module with only Dummy List and a line item, Use sum formula to pull the values in


  • Data summaries use descriptive (summary) statistics to present collected research data in a logical, meaningful, and efficient way. In most cases, data summaries do not make inferences about the data and its ability to prove or disprove a research question.

    Data summaries usually present the dataset’s average (mean, median, and/or mode); standard deviation from mean or interquartile range; paper minecraft how the data is distributed across the range of data (for example is it skewed to one side of the range); and statistical dependence (if more than one variable was captured in the dataset). Data summaries may be presented in numerical text and/or in tables, graphs, or diagrams.