Unbind a flat list or a module by busbars


Please, someone could help me to desconcatenate if it is possible the flat list and if not a module

Thank you so much


  • Hi @Jamez ,

    You can use Left, Right function of anaplan to de-concatenate this string.

    For example: Left(Concatenate, 4) = 9280


  • Hi @Umang Singhal

    I know, my problem it´s to de-concatenate the three parts in three line items into a module

    9280-1314-31:D1347- Non PBH

    And each line are differents, at you can see the 3º line has 5 characteres and the firs one only four

  • what is your line separator? If it is Colon (|) ?


  • @Jamez, Instead of giving static parameters in the left, right, and mid functions, make them dynamic based on the separator (Colon (I)). Let's say your separator is Colon so a line item with formula like FIND("|", Concatenate) will give you the number of characters before first colon and then use this line item in your LEFT function to make it dynamic. Try it out and let me know if it's not clear, I'll build and share in some time.