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I'm starting to dig deeper into Anaplan APIs and i would like to do a best practice script that exports everything there is in Anaplan (lists, modules, actions) to then parse the data and figure out if there is anything that could be optimized.

Is there by any chance someone that has already come up with a similar idea that would be willing to exchange on what language would be best suited for something like this, and possibly tips to start my best practice script ?

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  • @JulesPelletier Can you please share more information?

  • @JulesPelletier Could you please clarify which specific information you are referring to so that I can provide detailed instructions on how to export ,import, run processes by using Anaplan APIs.

  • @Rakesh2909 Ideally, I would like to have a script that can export every list with all properties and formulas as well as every module with all line items and formulas in a file (excel or other format).

    My goal is to parse all the data and do some checks :

    For Lists :

    • Check if any property is not used → purge ?
    • Check the format of properties → if not text, not best practice
    • Check if any subset is not used → purge ?

    For Modules :

    • Check MDM's : is there a code, item and parent line item ? → best practice
    • Check MDM's : are the formulas optimized ? if the LI Code's formula is CODE(ITEM('List')) but we already have an item LI which has ITEM('List') as a formula
    • ….

    Basically export as much meta data possible, and do a "Best Practice" Optimizer which gives you info on what can be optimized, what is wrong in terms of best practice, and maybe more ideas as i go along.