Hello! How to set value as TRUE based on other line item value


Hi everyone, I'm wondering if someone could help me with this.

I would like create module like picture below.

I have general list "Summary SKU" and "Detail SKU". These general list are not having parent-child hierarchy for each other.

Then, in Line Item "Delete Detail SKU", user will check the Detail SKU they want to delete.

I would like to ask, how can I automatically fill the Line Item "Delete Detail SKU" based on this condition:

If All "Detail SKU Code" that has same "Summary SKU Code" value are all TRUE in "Delete Detail SKU", then "Delete Summary SKU" will also TRUE.

I create visualization like below picture.

Has anyone come across this sort of issue before and how did you manage to resolve it?


  • pyrypeura
    edited January 3

    You should have list of summary SKUs. There in a module by summary SKU you can check if all of those are true by using formula 'source model'.'delete detail sku'[ALL: 'source model'.'Summary SKU']. Then in the oiriginal module you can take lookup from that source sku model.

  • Hello @pyrypeura, thanks for your reply.

    I would like to know more about your answer.

    So, I should create another module using Summary SKU as dimension?

    And then for the formula, could you please explain more about it?

  • Yes you sohuld have another module using Summary SKU as dimension. You can use aggregration method ALL to check that all items with that summary item are true. https://help.anaplan.com/all-c9035c86-1e45-4774-9463-cc5aca76fc7e

  • rachmitadhila
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    Hi @pyrypeura,

    Thanks for your reply,

    I created Module with Summary SKU as dimension.

    In this module, I create 3 line items:

    1. Delete Detail SKU?.
    • In this line item I used Detail SKU as dimension, because the formula refer to the original module that has Detail SKU as dimension too.

    2. Summary SKU.

    • This is List formatted line item.
    • I used formula: FINDITEM(Summary SKU, CODE(ITEM(Summary SKU)))

    3. Delete Summary SKU?.

    • In this line item, I do not apply other dimension, so it will follow the module dimension which is Summary SKU.
    • And I tried using formula that you suggested: Delete Detail SKU?[ALL: Summary SKU]

    But, the result is I got error message like this: "Level mismatch on common dimension"

    Do you know how to resolve this dimension error?