List Hierarchy Update Failure

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Hi All,

I am trying to update a composite list hierarchy with 2 levels they are both Numbered List.

In the source module the List being imported are NOT a numbered List only in the PROD model it is set to a Numbered List.

Here is the Parent List and Code is concatenated with _L1

Below is the child list that Rolled up to the Parent List

When I tried to update the child list I keep getting an error

I have mapped the action with the Parent and also tried the parent code but it is still not working and I have used the "TRIM" function on the concatenated Code just to remove any space but I'm still getting error.

Please any suggestion as to why I keep having the issue and any workaround to resolve the issue.


  • @innocent,

    Does your list have a parent configured?

    If yes, is it the Budget List or something else?

    Try to manually search for those Budget codes?

  • @innocent - is the budget to project a one to one mapping? if it isn't then you'll need to have the project code as combination of budget & project codes so to create unique instances, you don't need to have the L1/L2 elements. This is because you can't have two codes of the same thing.

  • Monpero
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    @Dikshant Thanks for the response. The budget to project is a one to many mapping. many project ID rolls up to one Budget Line ID and the Budget Line ID has a top level.

    @andrewtye - Thanks, I'll give it a go and see if that works

  • Monpero
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    Hi guys - I implemented some changes by removing some of the list items (P2 leafs in this case) that was causing an error. and ran the action and it worked in the DEV

    after syncing to the PROD and ran the action in the PROD, it throws an error even though it work perfectly well in the DEV.

    Please guys any suggestions on how to fix this issue?

    @andrewtye - I tried concatenating the project codes with the parent list name, yet I was having error with importing with that method.

    The P2 list L2 makes it unique and not same as parent with L1. what could possible be wrong, any idea?

  • @innocent, Can you share the production error logs. Since the list is production data, the items will be different in Dev and prod and hence causing the failure. Can you read the logs and see the parent ID which is failing, actually present in the parent list or not? Similar activity which you have done in DEV.

  • Monpero
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    Hi @Dikshant, here below is the print of the error log. As you can see they are not similar names with the parent.