How long does it take to study for the Master Anaplanner Exam?



I was wondering how long it usually takes to study for the Master Anaplanner Exam? I know everyone is different, but can someone give me a ballpark answer? (Is it 1 month or 1 year?) Can anyone share their experience/ tips?

Did everyone just study this material? How long does it take to get through this material?


  • TristanS
    edited January 7

    @Olek P A month or two would be my gut feel. I think it's a question of how well you can ingest and remember the information. When I took the test it covered other items not listed in that link you provided. Note that link was made in 2020. The test covered items after 2020. I recall 2 Polaris related questions and it's not listed in that link. So review items that was implemented post 2020 as well. There were 60 questions and you needed to answer at least 45 correctly and it covered all the items in that list plus more

  • Olek P

    Thank you Tristan. I appreciate the help.