Change Number format on Chart Axis


Has anyone found a way to change the number format on a chart axis? The line item I am referencing is formatted as a percentage, but does not show up with the "%" sign on the Y-axis.


  • @Taylor Moore,

    I tried, but I don't see the option to show percentages on the Y-axis. But I got an option to show percentages on the data pointers. Try if that helps.

  • @sprender - might this be on the roadmap to being updated?

  • You can add the % label in the axis title so its clear the numeric is a % like in the example below. Number formatting on the individual axis interval numbers isn't something we have planned in the near term but you can raise on the ideas exchange.

  • Thank you everyone. This is helpful. I personally find having a % next to each of the labels on the axis redundant, but had an end user ask so wanted to explore the options.