Anaplan IRR different from Excel IRR results.

Any reason this IRR can't be calculated?

In Excel it's properly calculated.

However in Anaplan it can't be calculated


  • @GAPER,

    I replicated the same with just a small correction, and it is giving the results now.

    Formula: IRR('SYS: Transactions 1.0 Module'.Cashflows, 'SYS: Transactions 1.0 Module'.Date, 'Transactions 1.0 #', -0.1)

    Write the formula in a similar way and mention -0.1 in the last and instead of Transaction 1.0 list, use the list that you used in SYS: Transactions Module.

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    Thanks. You are trully a hero. How much trade off will this have? i.e. how much off will this be for 0.1

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    I just tried it on my full (blown) model: a -0.1 factor doesn't work (has no impact). It works when i set it at 0.2 or beyond. However it's far off. (like giving me IRR of 80%)

    Can i say this is owing to something related to Anaplan's computing power is lacking? (Can't use such a low estimation factor for a huge model like mine)

  • @GAPER

    Can you show me the formula and result you are getting now?

    Just check the article of IRR function on google to know more about this factor of 0.1 but i guess yes this less IRR might not be considered as a number by this function.

  • As you can see here. a -0.1 factor anaplan will give up calculating. When I set it to -0.3 it gives us a value but i don't know how much i can trust this number.

  • Also, it seems that using the estimation will cause some previously correctly calculated IRRs blowing up.

  • Resurfacing this. Please help