Multiple approvers in workflow for the same step using a module to define the approvers


Hi, does anyone know of a workaround to have multiple approvers in a workflow for the same workflow task, using a module to define the approvers?

Most of you probably know this is possible if you define multiple approvers "back-end" in the step itself. Then you have the option to define if all approvers need to approve or only one of them, to move the workflow forward to the next step. However, I have a use case where the users who are not workflow owners would like to see where we are in the process and who approved what step. My first thought was to use an approval module to define the persons involved in each step. The problem with this is that the task only allows me to pull information from one line item in the module (that contains the apporver names) and I need multiple apporvers for one step. Does anyone have a clever solution to this problem, or is this simply a restriction we have to accept right now?





  • @CommunityMember117741 I think allowing multiple approvers for same task is not yet there. But would it solve your issue, if you include the same task in next step and select different approvers for that task


  • Hello😊 Just a question: is Workflow nre functionality available with Polaris engine?

    Thanks in advance for you help!