Multilevel Adjustments Removal of checkboxes


Hi Everyone,I am working on a requirement where the customer wants adjustments at multiple levels and we are working with multiple hierarchies so there are a lot of combinations (total level combinations also needed). Now at the dashboard level the user comes in and selects levels from dropdowns and then clicks on a checkbox which is a DCA enabled box for Anaplan to know which level the adjustment needs to be made at(SYS Module only for selection). He then proceeds to click on a action button which allocates and saves the adjustment and finally clears it.

Now since there are multiple combinations this checkbox is kind of mandatory so that Anaplan knows where the data needs to go. Is there any way I can remove the checkboxes as the user does not want to click on any checkbox as that confuses him. I have tried formula-based boxes but the multiple levels make the model v large and not doable also I tried actions but that calls for too many actions and that is also a no no. Any suggestions are welcome.