Formula related to ITEM() in the same List


Hi Everyone,

I am trying to summarise and collect data from numbered list input module.

I want the formula in the Item "COGS" in the COA list to refer to Item "Revenue" also in the COA list but in the input module.

Line item is Amount (single line).

Appreciate your ideas and suggestions.

Thank you

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    Hi @Dikshant ,

    I found the formula.

    Added Select in the formula.

    'v2 Input Transaction Trading Currency'.Amount[SELECT: COA.Revenue, SUM: '#Assign CoCcTP and BU'.Trading Partner, SUM: '#Assign CoCcTP and BU'.CC Trading Partner, SUM: '#Assign CoCcTP and BU'.Business Segment, SUM: '#Assign CoCcTP and BU'.Trading Currency]

    Hence the COA.COGS column in the Summary module can collect info from numbered list referring to COA.Revenue column in input module.

    Thank you


  • Dikshant
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    @TQYYDN1 What is the challenge with the current condition? ITEM(COA) = COGS THEN XYZ

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    Hi @Dikshant,

    The challenge is to combine the

    'v2 Input Transaction Trading Currency'.Amount[SUM: '#Assign CoCcTP and BU'.Trading Partner, SUM: '#Assign CoCcTP and BU'.CC Trading Partner, SUM: '#Assign CoCcTP and BU'.Business Segment, SUM: '#Assign CoCcTP and BU'.Trading Currency]

    with the formula that points to COA.Revenue in input module.

    Current formula only collect all info from the same COA.COGS in the input module.


  • @TQYYDNi,

    Can you share the module v2 Input Transaction Trading Currency and pivot of both modules v2 Input Transaction Trading Currency and V2 TP Co Summary Currency?