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Hello community,

I have been working on creation of the group wherein employees roll up to a particular super group below are the 2 Screenshot in detail.

Current Process:

Below is when enter all the details and click on action called "Create Super Group" the new employee with its Super Group code is added to the below Grid that is SG and SG Members.


However, I would really want to understand on once I run the action Create Super Group and it is executed then I want a fresh Grid with no data in Grid : Create Super Group and its should be with no data to enter new data and super groups

I understand we have to create a Process and add 2 actions however my humble request is to obtain some details on how to proceed for it

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  • ClauN
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    You want to clear the line items at the end of you process.

    1. You need to create a line item with a boolean format. You can name it : Line to clear.

    This LI will help us to identify the line we want to clear, so you need to write a formula that make the result of this line item "true" when at least one of the column is not blank.

    2. You need to create CLEAR Line items with a No Data format for the column you want to clear :

    • Clear Super Group
    • Clear SG Code
    • Clear Status.

    When it's done filter the module by Line to clear and save the view : SV Line to clear.

    3. Now you just need to create an import action from SV Line to clear to the same module where map the Clear Line items to their columns :

    • Clear Super Group → Super Group
    • Clear SG Code → SG Group
    • Clear Status → Status

    4. You add this last import at the end of you process

    Please don't hesitate if my answer is not clear, i am happy to help :)

  • ClauN
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    If at least one column is not blank → we need to clear the line line

    So you need to use isnotblank and "or"


  • Hi @ClauN,

    Thanks a lot for your deep and insightful inputs…. helped a lot in understanding however, got one doubt regarding

    1.Creation of LI :  Line to Clear created below in this manner pls let me know is it good to go

  • ClauN
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    If at least one column is not blank → we need to clear the line

    So you need to use isnotblank and "or"

  • Hi @ClauN

    Thank you so much for your inputs it worked accordingly as per the requirement.

    Happy Learning 😀!!

  • ClauN

    I am very happy to have been able to help you :)