Hey I am unable to log in to workspace even though trying it multiple times.


I am unable to even change password and cannot open it please help!


  • ClauN

    I think you should contact the Anaplan support.

    Do you have any error message when you try to log in ?


    yes ,everytime i am trying it was saying the combination of password and email is wrong

  • ClauN

    Try to change your password and if it doesn't work contact the Anaplan support.

    Be careful, the password of the Anaplan community and your Anaplan account might not be the same.

  • @RUHANI do you still receive the e-mail to reset the password ?

    Contact your tenant admin to verify your user…

    some reasons:

    • your user is flagged as "SSO User".. this way you can't anymore user user and password
    • your user is disabled by the Tenant admin.

    However, indeed, asking Anaplan Support as they could find the real reason why you cannot login.

    Hope it helps