Rank by Student Names (alphabetic order)



Had a module with student names and few other attributes. None of the attributes have number or date (which i can use for Ranking), can we rank the data just by alphabetic name order of the students?

The reason i would like to use name to rank is because the data is dynamic and with students coming in and/or going out of the report based on their subject preferences.

Primary purpose here is to have this displayed in management reporting UX page type, so want rank number to restrict data per slide. Example Numbers 1-30 in slide 1, 31-60 in slide 2 etc. Currently when i publish the report i have like 100 students, almost 70% of it going beyond the slide. With rank against each student there would be some sort of dynamic control.

Looking for a simple yet dynamic option for the above


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  • @Sachinsourav02 - It's a good use case and I am still thinking how we can rank Employees as per their Name alphabetically. But I saw your primary reason for using rank, I would say since you want a number(rank) to distribute employees in multiple slides. You can do the sequential ranking rather than ranking alphabetically as your primary purpose is to have 1-30 Employees in Slide 1, 31-60 in Slide 2. But I'm still thinking of how we can rank alphabetically! But give this a thought.

  • @Dikshant Appreciate your response.

    Sequentially rank as in ? Could you please elaborate ? Thank you