Action for Deleting an empty row in UX after running the process


Hello community,

I have been working on creation of the group wherein employees roll up to a particular super group below are the 2 Screenshot in detail.

Current Process:

Below is when enter all the details and click on action called "Create Super Group" the new employee with its Super Group code is added to the below Grid that is SG and SG Members.


However, I would really want to understand on once I run the action Create Super Group and it is executed I want to delete the entire blank row after running Create SG Group process

I understand we have to create a Process and add an action however my humble request is to obtain some details on how to proceed for it

Process has 3 actions:

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  • Dikshant
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    @Karthik31, In that case you can use the Blank row? Line item as a filter and apply the filter in UX Page Blank row? = FALSE.


  • @Karthik31,

    Create a Boolean-format line item (Blank row?) to flag all rows with no data in it and put a condition to it like this. Use this Boolean to create an delete action (Delete List using Selection) and add that action in the existing Process at end.

  • Karthik31
    edited January 12

    Hi @Dikshant

    Thanks a lot for your inputs,

    However, I want to remove the blank row from the module when I run the process on the front UX Page as the SG Group Grid is module.