Circular Reference Problem


Hi All,

I am having a circular reference issue in my calculation.

Module A :

Is dimensioned by Cost category List,

Cost Center List,

Time and Custom version List.

(source module for forecast) Module B:

Contract List and Time and Custom version List.

(source module for Actuals) Module C:

Is dimensioned by Cost category List,

Cost Center List,

Time and Custom version List.

Concept of Calculation:

Is to spread the contract target value evenly for the forecast then take the total amount and subtract the actuals amount. Then take the subtracted amount and split it by the remaining forecast year evenly.

For the Initial Target Phasing:- am taking the total of all contracts value for forecast spread evenly.

The problem am having is on the "Actuals" Line item. The "Actuals line is currently a place holder for my calculation. When I bring the actuals value from Module C it throws a circular reference error.

The Final Cost formula is referencing the "Actuals"

The line item "Actuals in Contract" is for test the yellow aligned module is from Module C. When I bring it into the "Actuals" line item which I am using in my calculation it throws an error of circular reference.

Please guys is there a better method or walk around on resolving this issue?.

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  • andrewtye
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    Hi @innocent

    Are you saying that "Actuals in Contract" will replace the 1000 that you've got in the Actuals line item?

    Looks like that the addition of the REP03 module is causing your issue - what's the formula there?

    Separately you are doing the Time Setting by Versions.Version check too many times I think - certainly it's not needed within Actuals formula as the referenced line item already has that check in it.


  • Monpero
    edited January 12

    Hi @andrewtye

    Thanks for the response, you are absolutely right. I figured out that the  REP03 module was causing the issue the final cost line was referenced in the module as its a summary module.

    Now I used an actual module which rectified it. and didn't have to do Time Setting by Versions.Version.

    This is issue with inheriting models without full knowledge 😊 of the model. I should check the model map next time.