My request to join Talent Builder Independent has been declined, what should I do?

I just got the Anaplan Way Course Certificate.

I fullfill all the listed requisites as well, but the request to join the Talent Builder Independent Program was declined.
I'm wondering if I did something wrong.

Is there any chance of requesting, or getting these 90 days free trial access without having to wait 30 days?

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  • Dikshant
    Answer ✓

    What company you mentioned while creating the community account?

    Did you select a valid first name and last name, and your email ID does not have anaplan in it?

    You're not already working for Anaplan partners?

  • I have a valid first and last name, but I'm not sure if I did mention the company I work for.

    I tried to check at my profile, but I couldn't find any information.

    Recently I found out that the company I work for is an Anaplan's customer.

    But I'm not part of the team that has access to the system. I'm trying to get access to Anaplan internally.

    Thanks @Dikshant

  • Dikshant
    Answer ✓

    @NogueiraMFelipe - Reason while creating the account, you might have mentioned your company name. And since your company is an Anaplan customer, Anaplan rejected your request.