Data Export Tabular Single Column


Hi all,

I want to export a table format without the page dimention (which is essentailly the red and green as below)

But when i choose Tabular Single Column,

It gives me a lot of columns that didn't exist in my original saved view and made my csv from 70mb to 2gb.

These appeared in the labels tab which are the info i don't need but it gets included in the output when i select the tabular single column.

Any one knows how to remove them? All i want is exporting data but without the red and green (like ecluding the first row)


  • @GAPER, My assumption is Tabular Single/ Multiple columns export all dimesnions/ line items, that's why all line items gets exported in your case. The workaround here could be create a EXP Module and refer the selective line items you need in the export. That way you have to control of what line items should go to Export.