L2 Course - Supply chain model INV05 Shipping Export



Any expert please help , I am stuck in Importing G3 location in "INV05 Shipping Export" module , I alreay crteated Subsidery view doe CODE line item , in this Module , but while importing Data from G3 location List , it is ignoring the Parents like "US", please help me to understand what is wrong in steps , please check atatchment ,




  • @Krushna ,
    I think you need to use formula driven code here from G3 location here rather import.
    Use: CODE(ITEM('G3 Location'))

    Also time scale should be not applicable in case of code.

  • @VanshikaSingh ,

    Thanks for the reply,

    1. Code lineitem in "INV05 Shipping Export" module is correct "CODE(ITEM('G3 Location'))", But I am not getting code for US and such parents in this module. pls chk attachment