Anaplan Power BI connector - not refreshed from Power BI


Hi all,
I am working with Power BI connector for the first time and have a problem with the Refresh part.
The first time data from an export action is imported into Power BI by Power BI dev team, everything is OK. When numbers are changed in Anaplan and a manual Refresh is done in Power BI, data is not refreshed.
If I test this by connecting to the export action through PBI desktop, using my own credentials, choose to import and then refresh the data, everything works OK. But when Power Bi dev team, with their credentials, do the same test, data is not refreshed.
I have tried to set the PBI team user to Workspace administrator and give them the same access as I have but problem persists.

Does anyone recognize this? Any ideas what the problem can be?

Thanks a lot and best regards, Lisa


  • did you re-run the Anaplan export action?

  • This has been solved by changing Anaplan user in the PBI report.
    For some weird reason the refresh did not work for a specific user but for a user with the exact same access settings.