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I have a list with exports date and hours and minutes. I need a formula that will allow me to show on the UX, the latest date with hours and minutes. Is there such a formula?


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  • alexpavel
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    @ilincach: if I understand correctly, you have a list with multiple elements and in a module you have per every element saved like below?

    the idea is to have the format date like "YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MM" in order that you apply an order, all the rows will be correctly ordered (even if the format is TEXT).

    The Line-item has the summary setup "Firstnonblank":

    and in a system module take the total value that can published in the card.

    As you notice the value in SYS00 is not correct: the correct value should be "2024-05-01 14:20", so what it is needed is to order the list descending on the line-item "Date Time Export" in order that the first element to be the latest Export DateTime.

    So, after you populate the list and the "DateTime Export" you need to launch the Order List Action in order to put as first element the latest DateTime Export (max).

    After launching the Order Action the totals will show correct result:

    If you do not want to use the Order List, you could transform the TEXT Date in number like "YYYYMMDDHHMI" and put summary as MAX and transform the MAx number back in text in order to publish it.

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  • @ilincach, you can keep dates, hours, and minutes in text format and use the "&" operator to concatenate multiple text line items so that you can show them in whatever format you want them to be!

  • Thanks @Dikshant but how can i show the latest ? (for example in UX, in a card, to show the date and time of the latest extract)?

  • @ilincach - You can load it via integration. Which integration tool are you using?

  • Hi @Dikshant , the dates loads into a module and then, I need to show in the UX the latest date. So i would have thought i would need a formula to have this information shown properly

  • thanks a lot @alexpavel it work very good!!!! Much appreciated!

  • @alexpavel , this action need to be run averytime by someone or in the UX, the card will show the latest export by default with what stated abouve by you?

  • @ilincach The order action should be in the same process that populates the list and after the DateTime line-item is updated. This will avoid the need to be manually triggered.

  • I need to display the most recent date in the user experience when the dates are loaded into a module. To have this data shown correctly, I was under the impression that a formula would be required.