Plan IQ


Hi all,

i have been facing an issue while doing the set up of PlanIQ (followed the tutorial on Anaplan Academy)

I am stuck at the same moment, when it needs to run the Forecast Action.

Do you have any ideas on why it is always displaying the same errors ?

I was told to put Internal Access the the list i use (but i didn't saw such mention in the tutorial)

Any ideas ?

Thank you very much,



  • PujithaB

    Could you Please share the more details
    Two possibilities here is
    Export Template format does not allign with the required format
    or The format of Lineitem is not designed as per the required format

  • Dikshant

    If you run the action manually, does it give some warnings?

  • It does give me the same warning, i did according exactly to the training parameters


  • Dikshant

    Can you share the screenshots of Anaplan action errors, edit the action, and show the mappings as well.