Anaplan Reporting Page: How can we keep line item filter for hierarchy filter selection?

  1. i have made a line item filter with formula= RANK('ROTD - 3M', DESCENDING, SEQUENTIAL, TRUE, 'text l4 n 3lag') which gives me as shown in pic -

2. the second line item filter with formula = RANK('ROTD - 3M', DESCENDING, SEQUENTIAL, TRUE, 'Lag 3') which is the 4 line item in from the pic above.
3. Now in reporting page when we select any lower level as ex: HUB ED Direct we can get a cutoff of 5 from the line item filter from point 1 & 2. (below pic)

4. But when we select a top level in that hierarchy such as ex: All the cutoff of 5 will became inapplicable.(pic below - see in ROTD table)
We use both Rank formula line item together to show the item in table but when selecting lower level it will give a cutoff of 5 on the basis of filter but when we select any higher level the table will show all the item under that level. how can we set the cutoff for higher level. As reporting page is a custom view needs options how to go about the solution.

5. How can we keep the filter for top level also, as it will only show for cutoff of 5 item?
as the hierarchy selector in top of the reporting page can we add filter on that basis?


  • @DhanrajKattimani - I am not following the details you shared. Are you looking for a filter that works for hierarchy? Like let's say we have 5 level of hierarchy and you want to see all level 1 or level 2 based on a filter selection?