Formulating and capturing the no of orders count based on orders placed between time scale.


Hello Community,

Process explanation based on below screenshot is basically on the left part we have module in which time is recorded for the orders placed and we need to gather and capture the count or no. of orders placed between the time series.

EX: Orders between 14-15 PM is placed at 14.30 PM and 14.45 PM

we need to get the count as 2 in no. of orders accordingly in 14-15 PM

Requesting for your inputs on the below would be really great in getting in sight on how to go about


  • @Karthik31 : to achieve this you need:

    • in the Order Time Band module to have 2 additional line-items where you define the Start and End Interval.
    • create a new module combining the "Order Details" list and "Order Time Band" lists and have in a line-item Count Orders a formula like:
      • IF Order Details.Order Time <> 0 and Order Details.Order Time >= Order Time Band.Start and Order Details.Order Time < Order Time Band.Start then 1 else 0.
    • If you have a Top Level defined for the list "Order Details" you can bring in "Order Time Band" the totals of Count Orders from previous module

    hope it helps,