Sorting only child items in grid based on line item values.

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I am using the the sort functionality to sort the list items in the grid but the Parent of the child item is being placed as per the sorting. I want the sort to apply only on the child items and the parent item to be displayed on the bottom. In the below screenshot Oscar Ramos RVP must be in the bottom of the grid and not top.

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  • kevinsanghoi
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    The 4 digit number items you see in the bottom as children of Oscar Ramos RVP.

    The hierarchy is somewhat like this :

    L1: Fernando Masini

    L2: The items ending with 'RVP Region'

    L3: The items ending with 'RVP'

    L4: The items having 4 digit numbers.

    The end result that I want is the order of Composite Lists remain as it as but the Child List (L4) be sorted as per the conditions. L4 (Sorted) followed by L3, L2, L1.

  • nvilkko
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    Thanks. I find it weird that I cannot mimic the issue. However, I would try these:

    1. Recreate the grid in the UX, only apply the sorting and make sure that you don't apply any other settings (Show / Hide, Filter etc.)
    2. Try creating a separate line item for sorting. Something like this: RANK(Relative Variance, DESCENDING, SEQUENTIAL, TRUE, Parent)

  • kevinsanghoi

    Thanks. The first solution by recreating the grid didn't work so as you suggested the workaround using RANK function worked.


  • Hi @kevinsanghoi,

    Could you post a screenshot of the line item you are using for sorting?



  • I use this line item for sorting. In the above screenshot the Relative Variance for Oscar Ramos RVP is -1.2m hence it's place at the top but I want to Parent to be always in the bottom

  • For some reason, I can't mimic the issue.

    1. Based on my understanding, you have a list hierarchy where Oscar Ramos RVP is a parent and 7298, 7246 etc. are children in the hierarchy. Is this correct?
    2. Have you amended the totals position? (Image)

  • Yes I did that but there are multiple levels to the list hierarchy so if I group them at end it doesn't work when I select a higher level on the context selector.

  • What if you select 'After'?

  • kevinsanghoi
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    The grouping is select as After and for reference I have selected a higher level in the hierarchy. The list items without a 4 digit number in the start belong to 3 different lists. All belonging to the same hierarchy at different level. As seen above the sorting didn't help with them being located in the middle

  • I am not 100% sure what is the wanted end result. If you don't want the parents after the children, could you please explain why isn't 'Group at the end' working? Or are the 4 digit number items in the bottom also children of Oscar Ramos RVP?