Help on circular reference with POST

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Do you know if it's possible to force the formula POST like LAG with STRICT argument.

My use case to be able to POST value in the future for stock equation.

If I use LAG(value , Leadtime , STRICT) or POST(value, 2) the formula are ok

If I use POST(value, Leadtime), I have a circular reference.

So I try to help using ABS(Leadtime) or SIGN(Leadtime) x Leadtime but I have always the same issue.

Can you help me with this issue.

Thanks a lot



  • @AntoineHM this is an interesting one. Are you able to share how value and Leadtime is being calculated.

  • JMVasicek
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    @AntoineHM Agreed with Tristan, it would be helpful to know the formulas for Leadtime and Value. My hunch is that you're running into some of the behavioral differences between LAG and POST, but knowing the formulas will help identify that.