Automated Loads not working | Working when manually run



Facing a strange issue. We have a process of around 15 actions that takes snapshot from each module and its automated and run using an integration account (full access).

Strangely the same is not running in one the UAT environment, while running automatically in SIT environment. Also, when manually run its successful in all environments.

The first 2-3 actions run, correctly, it only stops updating from 3rd or 4th action in the process. So it doesn't seem like a integration or script issue, since the process is being picked up.

What could be the potential reason ?




  • @Sachinsourav02,

    1. Ensure that the integration user has the proper access and selective access setup.
    2. Verify that the integration user has access to the source models and that the mapping of the source models is accurate. Integration user might not have access to the source models and when the activity is performed manually, you are performing it with your user and not Integration user.
    3. If everything is in the same model, determine which module it is by looking at the third or fourth action's source and target. Analyze the modules/ action as it is coming in to determine whether the Integration user has set up the module correctly.

    I'm hoping that Integration user is a WSA. If yes, DCA won't be a problem. Check whether any of these helped you get closer to resolving the issue.

  • @Dikshant

    Thanks for your response !

    Like i said the integration account has full access. No Selective access set-up.

    And strange part is it works in one environment while not working in another environment, it works in SIT environment while not working in UAT environment.

    All the actions are within the model, no other models involved, it's just a simple snapshot.

  • @Sachinsourav02, Can you share screenshots and more details on source and target modules and action mapping for 3rd and 4th actions, and what failures you got in Cloudworks? Any details over there?

  • What happens when you run those actions (as that user) in the model?