Help on Selector


Say I have a module with multiple different items and each item has a sales amount, a corresponding sales region, customer, and line of business. I am trying to build a dashboard where I can view sales amount by customer, and then have sales region, line of business and other options as a filter.

I have built a separate module for the filters with the respective list I need, such as sales region, line of business, etc.

In the current module I then have a line item for the filter as a boolean, with the formula being (IF business = other module business, then sales amount, else 0). Essentially, this checks if the filter in the other module is the line of business that is selected, and then returns the sales amount otherwise 0.

In my app, I have built the dashboard out by customer with the sales amount, and the selectors work for each individual option. For example, if I select snowboots as my line of business, it shows the total sales for all customers for snowboots. I have multiple of these selectors with the same formula. The options are all in a list format, with the parent being ALL.

Currently, if I select ALL for line of business, it shows 0 as my sales, whereas I want the total (snowboots + snowpants).

The formula is evaluating line of business = other module business as false if ALL is selected, where I want it to evaluate to TRUE

TLDR; I want my sales value to show as the total of the list item if ALL is selected, and not 0 if ALL is selected.


  • @umern If you need to evaluate whether 'ALL' has been selected from a drop-down, you can do the following:

    1. Add line items to a 'Lookups' System module for each of the selectors you use. (This module would contain production lookups based on selections). Name the line items something like '[List Name]: ALL'.

    2. For each of these line items in the system module, manually select the 'ALL' member.

    3. In your selections module, add staging line items called something like 'All Products Selected?', with formulas "[List Selection] = Lookups.[List Name]: ALL"

    4. Add an OR statement to your filter line item. So the final filter formula would be "IF business = other module business OR other module all business selected, then sales amount, else 0"