Boomi to Anaplan Connector Failing - Password expires every day


We have Boomi integration to push data from Netsuite and Openair to Anaplan. Boomi is using Basic Authentication with Email and Password and WE DO NOT USE ANY SCRIPTS. Just one connector object with Basic Authentication and is the only place we give the password and user id. All the jobs keep failing early morning every day with Authentication fail/Account Locked error


  • @BhavithaVadranapu It seems that the Anaplan user id password, which is being used in Boomi integration connection has expired. Anaplan native id password expires every 90 days.

  • Integrations account is what we use to connect Boomi jobs to Anaplan and it expired. We have reset it last week but every day its asking for reset after 12 to 16 hours and all the scheduled jobs keep failing. This is really frustrating to reset everyday and not knowing the issue

  • @BhavithaVadranapu , I would suggest to review the Anaplan User ID which is being used for Boomi connector:

    1. UserID : This user has to be "Exception User" (Non-SSO enabled)
    2. Workspace Admin: The user needs to be Workspace Admin

    We have been using Boomi to connect to Anaplan for more than 3 years without any issues.

    If possible, it would be helpful to review the Boomi logs. If you can share the same, it can help understand the cause of the issue.