Linking Personal Pages


Hi there,

upon a quick search in Community I did not find anything about this issue. Please let me know if it is a known issue.

I have created 2 personal pages, and linked perosnal page A to personal Page B using a Text Card.

When using that link to go from Page A to PAge B, Anaplan does not find the Page B.

Still, I can perfectly open Page B from the App Contents main page:

Any clue what is happening here? Also, if I convert my personal pages into App Pages:

  1. The link breaks (makes sense that an App page cannot direct users to Personal pages)
  2. When both pages are converted to App pages, the link to go from A to B works perfectly.




  • Hi @AlejandroGomez,

    Interesting, I tried the same and I cannot even generate a link for 'My pages'.

    I guess you used this to link them:

    For me it doesn't show any pages when I open the dropdown.

  • Yes, that is the way I created the link. Thanks for sharing @nvilkko , it is interesting.

  • @sprender - wonder if you've thoughts on this?

  • Misbah

    Most underrated functionality/feature used in the UX is "My Pages". And people have forgotten and/or not using this anymore. This could be the reason that this went unnoticed.

    On side note: I hate the name "My Pages". Personal Pages still make sense or Personal Dashboards.


  • AlejandroGomez
    edited January 23

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts @Misbah. But do you know if we are not supposed to use links between pages at all with personal pages? I do not find an answer to this in Anapedia.

  • Misbah

    @AlejandroGomez Honestly I don't know. But I don't see any harm in that. Moving freely from personal dashboard to Master dashboard should be available. I don't know if there is any additional security that anaplan has considered while doing so.