Where can I find Location details for Accounts in level 3 Sprint 1

Hi, I am completing the Level 3 Sprint 1 and there is repeated references to Accounts rolling up to Locations.

I can't see anywhere in the Model or the Data Hub where that relationship is spelled out. There is room for Location and Country in SYS02, but the field is blank so none of the formulas work.

I assume that you don't just want us to make it up?

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  • JMVasicek
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    Did you attempt to enter a formula or map an import into SYS02 for the Location line item? In the initial downloaded model, I can see that Location is already populated for that line item. My best guess is that that data was cleared at some point during your build.


  • <a href="https://geometrydashonline.co">geometry dash online</a> Have you tried entering a formula or mapping an import into SYS02 for the Location line item?

  • Thanks, I downloaded the data again and managed to find the tables I needed