Setting time as forward 52 week



For my model, planning cycle we look at it forward 52 week. The planning cycle start at the beginning of each quarter.

so if we are in Q2 2024, 52 weeks will be from Q2 2024 - Q1 2025

I see option to set week as calendar type but for planning year, I can only select complete year.

The only option I have is to select current year as fiscal year and add one future year. I can then add DCA to select 52 week but this cause 52 week of time values that I am not using.

Any ideas



  • @sagarkpr

    Is your Planning year different than your fiscal year? If not, you can change the start of the model calendar in the Time settings to start in Q2.

  • yes Planning year is different from fiscal year. Additionally planning year for us is 52 week and not 12 months or 4 quarters.

    When I select calendar type as week, I dont see option to start planning year different as calendar year.

  • @sagarkpr

    No, you don't have that option which is why I asked…Are both reporting of actuals in this model along with your Planning or are they separate?

  • We don't have actuals in the model. The model only contains plan for future 52 weeks.

  • @sagarkpr then why not change the default time setting for the model to the beginning of Q2?

  • Not sure if I understood that.

    The option to change default time setting is not available when I select calendar type as weekly.

  • @sagarkpr

    You can change it the Calendar Type.

  • Understood and it make sense. By doing this, I will be able to update the end of year every month.

    Is there also a way to change the calendar every week. maybe the option says, 3rd Sat of Friday

  • @sagarkpr

    No, there is not a way to pick it every week, but these 4 selections should help you.