Formula to allow duplicate



I am trying to make a formula in order to be able to create duplicate codes.

At the moment my formula goes like this:

IF Boolean THEN Concatenated Code ELSE Blank

And I want for my formula to do this :

IF my boolean is checked, then my formula should return the Concateneated Code but i want to allow a duplicate not blank. So if i check the same boxed every time, to be able to create duplicates.

At the moment, my formula doesnt create a duplicate.



  • Dikshant
    edited January 25

    @ilincach - Can you share screenshots of the data and how this logic is working at present? What is the formula for concatenated code, and what is your expected result?

  • Hello here below the printscreen. Gebruik voor skill cluster is my boolean. The purpose is : when my boolean is checked, i should be allowed to create multiple cluster codes (which are a concatenation)

  • @ilincach

    I would like to see the full data in grid view.

    But based on the formula you shared, It is taking the values from the Concatenated Code line item from Total Item. And Concat Code Line Item has a summary as Last Non-Blank.

    But what I think your requirement is that OTH08 List members which you mark as TRUE you want to concatenate those as comma separated and then show it in MAP01 Module like in this example since Code1 and Code3 has the Boolean as TRUE so in MAP01 Module you want to show Code1, Code3, but at present your formulas is showing Code3?

    Let me know if I'm close to your requirement or you're expecting something else?


  • I need to figure out a solution that generates a new code on each boolean selection, even if the selection is the same. So now, is using some pre-defined codes, but if i find a was to make a line item with a code generation, would be idealy