Level 2 Sprint Final Shipping Method

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I think the whole system of candy corn crumbles on the change of "shipping method", because the reorder flag is based on the standard shipping method.

So when the system says I have to reorder but I choose to override the shipping method with another shipping method that is slower than the standard, i will receive my order too late.

What do you think? Is a solution covered later in the course?

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  • Hello,

    Product Reordering done in 2 cases.

    • When you require more inventory than the order placed. In this case, shipping method should set to receive the new order along with the earlier order.
    • When you have adequate inventory and require more inventory in particular week. In this case, you focus on reducing transport costs.

    If inventory is less than the safety stock value, then you order by selecting transport method which delivers in less time.