Adding list items, but only display the result when a list item is selected

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Hi all,

I'm experiencing an issue in my module where when selecting a certain list item ("online" - in the screenshot), the numbers aren't displaying as they should, and I'm getting 0 in every line item. I think this is a build issue, however I want to try a hotfix by adding two different list items that I know total to create the "online" list item numbers that are missing.

I'm not sure how to do this, because if I create a formula that says for example:

If list = online
Then SELECT online exc. affiliates + online affiliates
Else 0

Then I don't think it will work for each line item at a top level. What I want to do is to find a way to add "online exc. affiliates" and "online affiliates" to make the total for "online" list item, but to be displayed only when the "online" list item is selected.

I hope I was able to articulate the issue properly (sorry for the confusing title, not sure how to describe this). Let me know if more information is needed and thanks in advance. (screenshots included in the post show the issue and the list items)

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  • MarkWarren
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    Ideally, you'd want Online excl. Affiliates and Online Affliates to roll up to Online in the hierarchy; then you can aggregate up.
    A simple way to achieve this though would be to create a subset for these two items and have a line item with that as the applies to; then select the top-level sum of that.
    To better explain, I mocked up an example:

    values 1 is dimensioned by the subset; the result 1 line item shows the total for those for P1.
    So P1 would be Online and P2/P3 are your Online affiliate items.

    But really consider the hierarchy and whether those 2 items should be children of Online.