Calculations with list items

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Dear all,

I created a line item "Figure" and a list "Divisor". The list just contains two values: 12 and 24.

I further created a line item "Result" which should display the result of Figure divided by Divisor.

So my module contains three line items:

Figure: Number

Divisor: List

Result: Number

Unfortunately Result = Figure / Divisor or Result = Figure / VALUE (Divisor) doesn't work.

The only reason for creating the list is that any user can only select 12 or 24 by drop down as divisor, not any other value.

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  • rob_marshall


    Yep, that can be done…

    Create your Divisor list:

    Create a SYS Divisor module with a line item named Number with the appropriate values

    In your module needing the logic,