Integration Account Access Settings


Hi Everyone,

Hoping there is easy setting for this that I am just not aware of. We are trying to keep our integration account that we use with Anaplan connect as a non-workspace admin user. Occasionally we have to take the model offline, but still have hourly connect scripts running. Because the user is a non-admin and the model is offline, we get an access error and the connect script fails.

Is there an admin setting in the tenant administration to prevent this from happening?



  • @Taylor Moore While the model is offline, non of the non-admin users can access the model, including the integration account non-workspace admin user

    You might want to pause the Anaplan Connect script while the model is offline.

  • @ashish.banka Thank you Ashish. We have thought of that as an option, but the issue is that there are multiple jobs in the workflow that impact other models that are not offline and still need the scripts running.

    The only goal for taking the model offline is to keep end users out and not to stop the jobs.

  • @Taylor Moore I am sure you would have thought about the pause :-)

    I don't think there are any Anaplan Tenant admin setting to override offline model access. However, there are few solutions which I would like to suggest:

    1. Use Anaplan API in Anaplan connect script to check the status of the model and by-pass the model process / action execution if the model is offline.
    2. If all the actions are run from the same script (ie all the models load actions are in the single Anaplan Connect script), separate them.
    3. Switch to Cloudworks. This would help in maintaining the processes / jobs easier in these scenarios.

  • @Taylor Moore

    No, there is not. Integration User for Anaplan Connect requires workspace admin and it's best practice to give full access to everything to make sure there are no permissions issues ANYWHERE. One reason why the integration user requires workspace admin is because when Anaplan Connect is used to load a data source, only that user can access the loaded data source AND that user must be a workspace admin. It's a real treat.

    The kicker is that Anaplan wants to charge for the Workspace Admin license used by the integration account… which doesn't seem right IMHO.